How Fatherhood Has Changed Me and over again. Kids, toys, media, much in this world is begging for our attention.

I’ve never really noticed it as much, until I became a father. Being pulled in so many directions has been tough! This is something I have struggled with for years. I’ve tried to do it all, at the same level, and I just can’t. I have to remember I’m no longer 18 years old, and can't go 100 mph. I have to be selective with what gets my attention.

This is something I am still learning, because that kid inside of me wants to say “yes” to everything. Saying “no” is so difficult for me. I’m always afraid of missing out on an opportunity, and I’m sure others can relate to this. "No" has to be the answer at times, or you will drive yourself crazy.

Before “fatherhood" I my mindset was fully work, work, work. There's a reason for that, but I will say that for another time. I would work on whatever I could to improve myself and skills. When I got married and had kids, my mindset continued. Thinking I could keep this work lifestyle, AND be the best father in the world. My oldest son turned 4 a few months back, and life is starting to catch up to me. I've found myself starting to struggle more and more with little things.

The struggles are more mentally than anything else. My attitude, drive, energy, etc. Being pulled in so many directions has finally taken a toll on me. My health started to take a hit (Bell's Palsy), and that is when I knew it was time to slow down. That is easier said than done, because I still can’t say “NO”. This is something I’m continuing to work on, but again I don’t want to miss that next opportunity.

Parents, is this something you struggle with? What's working for you or hurting you?

Before kids, I have never thought about any of this. I'm only 4 years into this, with lots of years ahead of me (GOD Willing), and I don't want any of it.

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