The Cutting Room Floor: What Stays and What Goes?

Shooting 4 Quarters of Silence has been a wonderful learning experience in many ways. We have captured great moments, and interviewed several interesting people. Sadly, some of it may not see the film. Not because it wasn't good enough, but you can only have so much in the story.

This is the tricky part of the film making process, post-production. What makes the final cut and what doesn't? How do I get everything I have captured to make sense to an audience? This is a process that could be stressful, but for me this is the best part of making the film. Being able to sit down and put everything together: Trim here, trim there, and before you know it magic happens. Everything is laid out before your eyes. I compare it all to putting a puzzle together, except there is no right or wrong way to do it. The way you put it together is the way you see the film, and the way I put it together is the way I see it. Everyone is going to have their own vision and thoughts on how it should be cut, but after it all you have the final say.

'4QOS' will end up being a short film, but may turn into something longer down the road. Like I mentioned in my previous post, we are battling festival deadlines. So turning 3-5 hours of interviews into just 10-15 minutes is a difficult thing to do. When listening to interviews in post, I ask myself this: Does it move the story in the right direction? Does it evoke any emotion (Mad, happy, sad, etc)? Does it flow with the cut before and after? This has been the key to the cutting process.

Overall, I know the direction I want to go with this project. To me this is an emotional/inspirational story. There are a lot of great football films, but this has to be different. This is an amazing school with a great supporting cast, and I'm excited to tell their story.

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